OPD - Out Patient

About OPD - Out Patient

OPD or the out patient department is a wing of the hospital where the patient can seek consultation with a general physician or a specialist to discuss the health issues.In a hospital, it is the general OPD ward where patients are provided medical assistance and treatment. Under an OPD category, you are not required to stay or get admitted to the hospital. Modern OPDs provide a wide range of services such as illness diagnosis, medical tests and minor surgical injuries.
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How to add patient in OPD - Out Patient?

OPD (Out Patient Department) module is for managing out patient who just come for doctor for their issue/disease checkup.To add new OPD patient click on + Add Patient button now enter Select Patient from dropdown or add +New Patient, Guardian Name, Gender, Age, Blood Group, Marital Status, Patient Photo, Phone, Email, Address, Remarks, Any Known Allergies, Height, Weight, BP, Symptoms, Note, Appointment Date, Case, Casualty, Old Patient, TPA (Third Party Administrator), Reference, Consultant
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OPD Patient Visits

Visits tab has all details of patient visit. To check OPD patient details click on Show icon, here you will see 5 tabs inculdes Overview, Visits, Lab Investigation, Treatment History and Timeline. Under Visit tab we will get some more tabs which will show other details also for OPD patients those are Medication, Operations, Charges and Payments. Now let's have a look for these options in more details-OverviewThis section describes patients all details like patients Allergies,
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How to check OPD patient's profile?

To check opd patient's profile, click on the OPD - Out Patient link present at the sidebar this will redirect you in OPD Patient list page, then click on the Show icon present at the last column (icon will be show on mouseover) so you will be redirecte to the opd patient's profile page.Here you will see 5 tabs are available Overview, Visits, Lab Investigations, Treatment History and Timeline.Overview - This tab describes patient's overview like patient's Allergies, Findings, Symptoms,
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How to Discharge patient from OPD?

To discharge OPD patient in Smart Hospital, go to OPD - Out Patient, then click on Show button or Patient name which patient you want to discharge. Now after click on it you will get 5 tabs Overview, Visits, Lab Invetigation, Treatment History and Timeline. Click on Vistits tab so you will get patient's all visits list. Now to discharge patient, click on OPD No so it will redirect you to Overview tab for selected Visit. Here at Overview tab you will find Patient Discharge button icon after
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