To check opd patient's profile, click on the OPD - Out Patient link present at the sidebar this will redirect you in OPD Patient list page, then click on the Show icon present at the last column (icon will be show on mouseover) so you will be redirecte to the opd patient's profile page.

Here you will see 5 tabs are available Overview, Visits, Lab Investigations, Treatment History and Timeline.

Overview - This tab describes patient's overview like patient's Allergies, Findings, Symptoms, Consultant Doctors, Timeline, Medical History (latest 5), Visit Details (latest 5), Lab investigation (latest 5) etc.

opd profile page
Visits - This tab describes patient's all opd visits.

opd visits

Lab Investigations -  This tab describes patient's all pathology and radiology investigation.

opd lab investigation

Treatment History - This tab describes patients treatment history.

opd treatment history

Timeline - This tab describes patients all timeline.

opd timeline

Note - Please click here to understand how you can check OPD patient all visit details.