About Pathology

The Clinical Section of Pathology involves the medical interpretation and clinical laboratory analysis of body fluids like blood or urine and other specimens sent to a hospital. Subsets of clinical pathology include: chemistry, microbiology, and molecular studies.Pathology helps doctors diagnose and treat patients correctly.In Smart Hospital we have provided the feature so staff can arrange collected patient's sample, payments for pathology tests and provide pathology test reports through Smart
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How to add Pathology Test in Smart Hospital?

Pathology module is for managing patient pathology test and reports.To add pathology test click on + Add Pathology Test button here enter Test Name, Short Name, Test Type, Category Name, Sub Category, Method, Report Days, Charge Category, Charge Name, Tax (%), Standard Charge, Amount. To add Test Parameter select Test Parameter Name. Click on + Add button and add multiple Test Parameter.Added pathology test will be list on pathology test page.
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How to add patient Pathology Test report in Smart Hospital?

To add patient test report for a pathology test, first you need to generate a Pathology Test bill. So to generate pathology test bill click on + Generate Bill button present at Pathology page here enter Patient (patient can be added here in three ways 1. Search for patient at search area. 2. Add new patient through +New Patient and 3. Enter Prescription No. so patient details with prescribed test will auto fill at generate bill), Test Name, Reports Days, Report Date, Tax, Amount, Hospital
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How to add/view Pathology Test payment?

To Add/View patient payment of Pathology Test go to Pathology > Add/View Payments. Here enter payment details like payment Date, Amount, Payment Mode, Note and then click on Save button.Here at Transaction History section you can check all patient payment done for Pathology Test.
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