About Appointment

Online Apoointment fetaure provides the facility to patient to book their appointment online. Here patient can book their opd appointment for any date according to available slots by making payment online.In Smart Hospital you can create Appointment for OPD only, so after that Doctor can move patient in IPD for further treatment if required.We have also given the feature that patient can reschedule their appointmnet time if required. 
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Setup for Appointment.

To setup appointment priority, go to Setup > Front Office. You can add Appointment Priority data which will be use in add appointment. Here enter priority value and then click on Save button. You can view this added record in the Priority List on Add Appointment page.To edit Priority click on edit and for delete click on delete icon present at Action column.
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How to enable Online Appointment for front site.

To enable Online Appointment for front site, go to Front CMS > Menus, then click on the + icon of Main Menu, this will redirect you in Add Menu Item page, here you will see all menu item list.Now click on the Edit icon of Online Appointment then enter Menu Item and External URL Address like your Smart Hospital base url/form/appointment and then click on the Save button.
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How to book Appointment from front site?

In Smart Hospital, if user want to book an online appointment for patient from front site (in case patient is new or patient want to book an appointment from front site) then for this, user need to go to the Smart Hospital front site for e.g here click on Appointment tab (make sure Appointment is enable from Front CMS ). Now here enter the details like Specialist, Doctor, Shift, Live Consultation (On Video Conference), Date and  Message after enter these
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How to add appointment in Smart Hospital?

Appointment feature is for making Doctor Appointment. Receptionist or any permitted user can enter doctor appointment details here, also here can be Approved/Cancelled online appointments. To add new appointments go to Appointment link present at the left side menu then click on + Add Appointment button. Here select existing patient from Select Patient dropdown (or you can create new patient record from +New Patient) then enter Doctor, Docter Fees (auto fill on Doctor's selection), Shift,
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How to check Doctor wise Appointment.

You can also check doctor wise  patient’s appointments in more managed way. for this go to Appointment link , this will redirect you in Appointment Details page then click on the Doctor Wise button present at the top right corner.At click of this button  you will be redirected to the Doctor Wise Appointment page, here you can search any appointment, for this select Doctor and Date and then click on the Search button, after clicking Search button you will show related doctor's
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How to check appointment Queue?

In Smart Hospital there are two ways to create patient appointment, first admin/staff create appointment from their account (offline appointment) and second is patient will create appointment from Front Site or patient account (online appointment). In online appointment when patient have created an online appointment then it will only considered as approved if patient have made full payment for appointment otherwise it will consider as pending appointment and can be rescheduled with new
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