Appointment feature is for making Doctor Appointment. Receptionist or any permitted user can enter doctor appointment details here, also here can be Approved/Cancelled online appointments.

To add new appointments go to Appointment link present at the left side menu then click on + Add Appointment button. Here select existing patient from Select Patient dropdown (or you can create new patient record from +New Patient) then enter Doctor, Docter Fees (auto fill on Doctor's selection), Shift, Appointment Date, Slot, Appointment Priority, Payment Mode, Status (Pending, Approved or Cancel), Message (optional), Live Consultant and Alternative Address then click on Save & Print or Save button. 

You can see added record in appointment list.

Note- If Appointment is approved and OPD is created for it then if you will change it's status as pending or cancelled then added OPD record will still be exist for the same record.

appointment list

To check added appointment details click on show button (buttons will be visible on mouseover event) present at Status column. 

You can print added appointment details from print option present at Status column.

To reschedule your booked appointmnet, click on reschedule button present at Status column.

Here you can change the time slot under available time slot to reschedule your appointment.