About Pharmacy.

Pharmacy module is for managing medicines stock, selling and generating medicine bill.Managing medicines click on Medicines button. You can see all medicine list with their name and available stock here. If a medicine row shows as white color means it’s a stock is normal, if row color is sky blue it means its stock is below than reorder level, if row color is yellow means its stock below to minimum level and if row color is red that means medicine is out of stock.Note - Please click
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How to add new Medicine?

To add new medicine click on + Add Medicine button here enter Medicine Name, Medicine Category, Medicine Company, Medicine Composition, Medicine Group, Supplier, Unit, Minimum Level, Reorder Level, VAT, Unit/Packing, VAT Account, Note and Medicine Photo.To see medicine details and stock entry click on Show button, here you can also check medicine stock entry and bad stock entry details.
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How to Import Medicines?

To import medicines click on Import Medicine button. Here select Medicine Category from dropdown and select CSV file, then click on Import Medicine button.Note: Your CSV data should be in the format below. The first line of your CSV file should be the column headers as in the table example. Also make sure that your file is UTF-8 to avoid unnecessary encoding problems.
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How to add Medicine Stock?

To add medicine stock you should enter purchased medicine details, for this click on Purchase button here you can see list of purchased medicines.To add purchased medicine details click + Purchase Medicine button now here enter Supplier name, Purchase Date, Medicine Category, Medicine Name, Batch No, Expiry Date, MRP($), Batch Amt, Sale Price($), Packing Qty, Quantity, Purchase Price($), Amount($), Note, Attach document, Discount, Tax. After filling all relevant details, click on calculate
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How to add Medicine Bad Stock?

In Smart Hospital you can add medicine Bad Stock for those medicine which are indicating "Out of stock". To add medicine bad stock or return stock click on + Add Bad Stock button here enter Batch Number, Expiry Date, Outward Date Quantity and Note.To get Batch Number go to Pharmacy > Medicine > Purchase > Purchase Medicine here enter medicine details with batch number for purchasing medicine which will you can see at Batch Number drop down at Add Bad Stock.
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How to generate Pharmacy Bill?

In Pharmacy there are two ways to generate Pharmacy bill that are generate pharmacy bill manually or you can generate patient pharmacy bill through their prescription id.So for manually generate medicine sales bill click on Generate Bill button at pharmacy bill page, here first select patient or add new patient to generate patient pharmacy Bill from +New Patient button here bill no will be auto generated Number so you need to add Medicine Category, Medicine Name, Batch Number, Quantity, Sale
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