Server Requirements

To installing Smart Hospital, Your web server must be running PHP 7.0 or higher and Mysql 5.1 or higher. We have tested it with Windows, Mac and Linux but for optimum performance we will recommend to use Linux with Apache webserver. Below are a list of items you should ensure your host can comply with.PHP 7.0+MYSQL 5.1+MYSQL SQL_MODE must not contain ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BYmod_rewrite ApacheMBString ExtensionMYSQLi ExtensionZip ExtensionCURL Extension
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General Installation

Smart Hospital comes with a simple automatic installer. - Configure database connectionYou need to have previously setup database from the cPanel or your hosting provider.Here is a good tutorial how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with this. Login to cPanel by accessing and navigate go MySQL Databases.Create database first.Create user and setup your password.Add the user to database by selecting the
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404 Or Page Not Found Error During Installation

During installation if you are getting 404 or Page not found error then following possible causes may be behind this -Check .htaccess file is present in your Smart Hospital hosting directory. By default .htaccess files are hidden in cpanel, you can enable visible .(dot) hidden files from cpanel file manager setting option. .htaccess file already present in your downloaded package in respective folder.url rewriting module is disabled in your hosting.
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IIS - Windows Server Installation

Using Windows based IIS Web Server hosting which is not recommended to use Smart Hospital. We provide support only for Linux with Apache hosting for Smart Hospital so its highly recommended to use Smart Hospital on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based hosting.mod_rewrite should be enabled on your hosting before installing Smart Hospital.Place the web.config file in the folder where you are trying to install Smart Hospital.Use the following web.config file to install on IIS server.<?xml
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Installation Issue

During installation while Smart Hospital installer importing database there is any issue occurred so may be database import has not completed so installer was stuck and unable to proceed at last step. In this case you should check your database and if there is any tables present  then remove all tables and again start Smart Hospital installer from first step.
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Unable to connect my MySQL Database

Generally this error occurred due to following reasons - 1. Please check for MYSQL user assigned for created database or not.2. Please check Hostname, it should be localhost, URL or ip address as suggested by your hosting provider.3. MYSQL Database name, Username and password should be correct and entered properly. After this if you still facing same issue then open support ticket at our support portal so we will check installation issue on your server.
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