Smart Hospital

Version 4.0

Released Date: 31 October, 2021General ChangesOperations moved OPD and IPDGeneral Setting page designEmail Setting updatedBackup file name with current versionMultiple specialist selection in staffPatient Discharge date is now selectableIf ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY is enabled then alert message will show at dashboardPatient death record directly comes from IPD/OPD discharge and patient will be deactivate and mark as deadAt add patient form two field TPA ID and TPA Validity
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Version 3.1

Released Date: 17 November, 2020General ChangesSend Email and SMS separated in different pagesStaff and patient gender separated in a different arrayFeatures EnhancementAdded specialist in front site patient appointmentNotification Setting using templateOPD discharged summaryAdded two new payment gateways Pesapal and iPay AfricaBug FixesHospital dashboard income and expenses using role permissionPatient can not delete time lineAppointment click on approve
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Version 3.0

Released Date: 08 September, 2020General ChangesAdded Charge Type CRUDAdded Asynchronous Datatable loadingDisabled Discharged Patient editFeatures EnhancementAdded Zoom Live Consultation moduleAdded Zoom Live Staff MeetingAdded Pathology Test ReportAdded Radiology Test ReportAdded Symptoms selectionAdded Balance ReportAdded Multi Language active supportAdded Prescription NotificationAdded Discharge SummaryAdded Balance ReportsAdded 5 new Payment Gateways
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Version 2.1

Released Date: 27th November, 2019Bug FixesFixed permissions issuesFixed Report issuesFixed Appointment issuesFixed OPD Bill issuesFixed Pathology issuesFixed Radiology issuesFixed Supplier issuesFixed Dashboard count issuesFixed Bill print issuesFixed some design issuesFixed some UI/UX issues
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Version 2.0

Released Date: 1st October, 2019General ChangesIPD Bill notification messageDiagnosis and Timeline is now editableFeatures EnhancementAdded Centralize Patient ManagementAdded Birth & Death ModuleAdded Notifications ModuleAdded Print Receipt in every moduleAdded Charges, Payment & Bill in OPDAdded Recheckup in OPD for ClinicsAdded Prescription in IPDAdded Purchase Medicine in PharmacyAdded Medicine Selection in OPD and IPD prescriptionAdded Manual
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Version 1.1

Released Date: 7 March, 2019General ChangesRemoved Old Patient section from OPD to avoid confusionsAdded ajax loaders in different conditional dropdownAdded Discharged Patient Date in IPDFeatures EnhancementAdded Appointment ReportAdded Discharged Patient ReportAdded TPA ReportAdded Doctor Restriction ModeBug FixesFixed Permissions issuesFixed Bed Setup issuesFixed general bugs and issuesFixed general designs and ui issues
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Version 1.0

Released Date: 25 January, 2019First version release
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