About Billing

In Smart Hospital there is a feature of centralized billing so hospital staff not need to go to each module to generate patient bill individually for individual modules. In centralized Billing module there are two ways to generate patient bill -One is for single module (like Appointment, OPD, Pathology, Radiology etc) which purpose where patient comes for a particular treatment like patient had came for only blood test so in this case staff need to only generate their blood test bill which
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Single Module Billing

In a single module billing we have included total 6 module which are Appointment, OPD, Pathology, Radiology, Blood issue and Blood Component Issue.AppointmentTo generate patient Appointment bill go to Billing > Appointment. Here click on + Add Appointment so pop up window will be open here you should select patient from search patient field or you can add new patient from + New Patient button then select Doctor, Doctor Fees, Shift, Appointment Date, Slot, Appointment Priority, Status,
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OPD/IPD Billing Through Case ID

To generate OPD/IPD billing through Case ID, go to Billing > OPD/IPD Billing Through Case ID here enter patient case id (you can get case id from patient OPD or IPD record) then click on search button.Now here you can see patient overall treatment details and charges from different modules OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Pathology, Blood Bank and Ambulance which are linked through Case ID and Prescription No.To generate or print overall treatment bill on one bill or can say single bill print click on
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