About Ambulance.

Ambulance module is for managing ambulance vehicles and ambulance calls for patient travelling.
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How to add Ambulance?

To add new ambulance vehicle, click on Ambulance link then click on the Ambulance List button, this will redirect you in Ambulance List page, now  click on + Add Ambulance button, here enter Vehicle Number, Vehicle Model, Year Made, Driver Name, Driver Licence, Driver Contact, Vehicle Type and Note.Created Ambulance will show on the Ambulance list.
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How to add Ambulance Call?

To add new ambulance call go to Ambulance module and  click on + Add Ambulance Call button. Here select Patient Name from dropdown ( or click on + New Patient button to add new patient or Enter Case ID so patient details will auto fill here) then enter Vehicle Model, Driver Name, Date, and Charge Category, Charge Name, Standard Charge, Note and click on Save & Print or Save button.You can check Ambulance Call created record at Ambulance Call list page.
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