To add Patient ID card, go to Certificate > Patient  ID Card then fill all entries Background Image, Logo, Signature (authorized person signature image), Hospital Name, Address/ Phone/Email, Patient ID Card Title, Header Color, Patient Name, Patient Id, Guardian Name, Patient Address, Phone (student Phone), Date Of Birth and Blood Group and then click on Save button. You can view this added record in the Patient ID Card List on the right side of the page.

patient id card

To view ID card click on View icon present at action column in the Patient ID card list page, at click of this icon ID card will be open.

preview patient id card

To edit ID card click on Edit icon and to delete ID card click on Delete icon present in the Patient ID card list.

Note: In ID card design we will suggest you to try to edit ID card design parameters by edit as many time possible until you will get your perfect design. You have to adjust many time design parameters to get your perfect design. While adjusting design parameters take browser final print preview or print as pdf option from browser as final reference of print design from Generate ID Card link. Otherwise in final print you will get little bit deviation in design. All ID card designs can be see right side of this page.